2018 will feature 31 artists in 14 locations.

Additional information on the artists themselves and where they will be located will be posted in the near future - Stay tuned!

And of course your Tour Organizers:
Gordon Leverton 
Paul Elia 
Siobhan Lynch 

Tara Lynne Franco 

2018 Tour Artists

Our 2018 Artists:

Amanda Immurs
Andrea Piller
Cornelia Peckhart
Christina Perris Jewellery
Elizabete Ludviks
Eric Allan Montgomery
Frances Cockburn
Hugh Widdup
Irena Rapaport
James Gummerson
Judy Anderson
Julie Johnson 
Julio Ferrer
Laurie Skantzos
Leslie Furness
Linda VanWyk
Maggie Shepherd 
Marina Randazzo
Mary Karavos
Michelle Guitard
Misty Kearsley
Nancy Benoy
Paul Simon
Sandee Ewasiuk
Victoria Pearce
Dana Cowie