Watch this space for videos about our WHAT artists, how they do their work and their own personal connection to our fair city of Hamilton, ON. 

Stained glass artist Siobhan Lynch describes a beautiful piece in progress. Siobhan, one of the tour organizers is at Studio 12.

Painter Julia Veenstra speaks about her work and living in Hamilton, Ontario.  Julia is showing at Studio 17 for WHAT 2019

Woodturner Hugh Widdup shows how he turns a bowl blank. Hugh is showing at Studio 3 for WHAT 2019

#WHATsOur Story

Tara Lynne Franco, a ceramic artist showing at at Studio 12 for WHAT 2019  demonstrating  throwing a cylinder on the potter's wheel.  Tara is one of the tour organizers.

Jewellery Artist Elizabete Ludviksof who is at Studio 6 for WHAT 2019 talks about her work in this great video.  Elizabete is one of the tour organizers in 2019.

Video by Johan Hallberg-Campbell

Janus Sculpture, showing at Studio 4 for WHAT 2019 .  This video is of a preview of her exhibit in April 2018 at the Kirkland Lynch Studio Gallery in Burlington, Ontario.