Paul Simon

Amanda is a representational oil painter who resides in Hamilton. Her work looks at every day moments of beauty and joy.

​The labyrinth patterns within Pearce’s landscapes reflect the interconnectedness which exists in nature. She enjoys playing nuanced colours and patterns against the forms within.

Julia Veenstra

Julia Veenstra is a well known Canadian painter. Her work is collected around the world and she is carried by galleries across Canada.

Stephen Altena

From the old world beauty of Tuscany, to the wonders of my own hometown, I capture timeless moments as they pass by.

Victoria Pearce

Amanda Immurs

Studio 17

19 Pearl St. North - Erskine Church


Marina Randazzo

Life is a mess! I attempt to capture this through my paint application in all my work.

Stephen Altena adapts and incorporates elements of ornamentation, and engages with the history of pattern and decoration, in an attempt to create paintings of beauty.